Model number
100(L)X34(W)X40(H) mm
105g 5%
Memory size
4M bits (512 K Byte) flash memory
hold 4000 records
hold 2000 records
Mag stripe reading
Bi-directional reading for F2F decoding
Tracks reading
 Tracks 1 & 2
Tracks 1,2 & 3
Magnetic head life
300,000 passes (optional 1 million passes)
Status indication
Bi-color LED for good/failed reading, save/retrieving DIP selectable beeper 
Power supply
By built-in two pieces of 3V 2054 batteries, or by DIP to select external 9V 300 mA power adaptor 
Output interface
RS-232C, RS-485(optional), N.8.1 9600bps
Operation temperature
0 C ~ 50 C
Storage temperature
-20 C ~ 70 C
10% ~ 85% RH
Password protection
Optional (PDC-410-12P)
Optional (PDC-410-123P)

  • Battery portable operation for magnetic stripe card reading and events storage
  • Compact size of 100(L)x34(W)x40(H)mm easy for field application
  • With two small light weight Lithium batteries is easy for 10 hours continuous working
  • Built-in 3V x 2 batteries can sustain for DC power adaptor
  • 8 bits Motorola 68HC705 microprocessor and 4M bits memory assured best performance
  • Operation status indicated by bi-color LED and switch beeper
  • Windows supported utility for easy erase, retrieve, saving data and set starting & ending counter
  • Operation by 9 Volts AC to DC adaptor possible

    Under Windows in CD to support following commands
  • Starting & ending event counter setting
  • Flash memory data erasing
  • Viewing the saved events
  • COM port selection
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