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INSTITUTE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SOLUTION: Download for free, Yes its a freeware.
Institute Management Software Solution is very customized and user-friendly software for Institutes and its a freeware. Download the software and use it for free, absolutely no charge. We would only charge you for training and customizations if you require. It has been designed to automate, manage and look after the over-all processing of even very large
Institutes. This Software is capable of managing Enquiry details, Student Details, Faculty Details, Payment Details etc. It also provides very helpful report for managing the institutes in easy and accurate way.
Key features of the Software are listed below
Download for free  
Master Details
Account Payment Favour: Used for
creation of account. The user is
allowed to create more than one
Advertisement Information: Used
for creation of advertisement
Area Information: Creation of
Batch Information: To feed the
details like batch code, faculty, time
slot etc.
Course Information: To feed the details like course code, name and duration
Counselor Information: To feed the detail viz. counselor name
Enquiry Information: To feed day-to-day enquiry
Faculty Information: To feed the details like faculty name, address, timing, salary etc. i.e. information relating to faculty.
Generate Statement & BR No.: To feed the bank receipt number. Those institutes who are into franchise agreement use this feature.
Student Material Issue: To feed the material that is to be issued to the student viz. books, bags, identity card etc.
Student Information: To feed the information of enquiries which are taking admissions. All the necessary information has to be fed
Timing Slot: To feed the time slots. These time slots are later used in different forms and reports
Daily Entries
Break Students Information: To maintain the records of the students who are going on for a break? This would ask for when and why the break is needed and would also ask for the duration of break
Course Wise Payment: allows the user to enter the payments received from students by respective course codes and under individual course heads.
Faculty Wise Daily Activity Form: allows the user to enter the daily progress of students and activities of individual faculties
Fine Entry Screen: Will let the user enter any fine that is received from students on account of various reasons
Material Issue Information: To enter issuance of various materials like books, bags, and stationary etc., issued to students from time to time
Payment Information: To enter all the payment received from various sources and credit them under various heads
Examination Information: To enter list of students sitting for the examination and the various semesters and papers, each is going to appear for.
Marks Information: Is a form to enter the marks that have been secured by the students in their various semesters and examination so that they can be referred to whenever required
Book Master: Is an interface to enter the information about the various course books and also to codify them
Book Issued to Students: Any book that is issued to students will be notified in this form along with date, quantity and code of the book issued and also to which students
Book Purchase: A form to enter fresh purchases made. The details to be fed would be name of the book, book code, rate and quantity
Comprehensive Reports
Student Detail Report: Will provide information on all spheres related to the student, be it batches, certificate, installments, discounts, scholarships, break, material and book issue. It is a one-stop option for all the details. It has twelve sub categories that are briefly explained below
  Certificate Request Form
  Batch Wise Students Between Two Dates:
  Course Wise Student Details
  Installment Details:
  Student Discounts
  Students Getting Scholarship
  Student on Break
  Book Issue for Students
  Material Issued To Student
  Registered Students
  Student Payment Ledger
  Test Report Student Wise
Exam Request
A report that gives the detail of the examination conducted according to code. This would show the names of the student, their course and other relevant details
Enquiry Report
A detailed report of enquiry status divided into six (6) sub parts
Action Between Two Dates
Student Admitted
Counselor Details
Consolidated: Combined report of enquiry handling and conversions by all counselors
According to Counselor: status of enquiry handling of each counselor between two dates
Course Details: This would provide the detail as to how many people enquired for various courses. This would give first hand information as to which course is the most “sought after” in a particular month
Financial Report: A one-stop option for all sorts of data - on collection, outstanding payments, and payment reminders. It has 3 categories.
Collection: details total collection in three categories
  Fees Collected Between Two Dates
Fine Collected Between Two Dates
Fine Collected Registration Number Wise
Payment Reminders: for sending reminders to defaulters or late payers or intimating those with forthcoming installments
Statement: Generation of statement based on the fees received.
Book Details:
Details of books issue, in stock, purchase etc. Divided into 4 sub categories
Book Master Details: Details of all the books that are available
Book Purchase between Two Dates: Details of purchase date wise
Book Purchase as per Invoice: Purchases indexed on invoice number
Book Issued between Two Dates: Issue status between two dates
Create Login Password: designed to create access control amongst users. Allowing for creation of separate logins for each user
Set Number of Days for Statement No: Interface to assign the time interval for statement generation

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